Our company, K.& A. SYNODINOS SA was founded in 1971 and has both commercial and technical activities in the Construction industry as well as in the Marine industry and industrial sector. Our company supplies a great variety of lifting and rigging equipment: wire ropes, chains, fiber slings and all associated components.

 In our equipped workshop we manufacture chain, wire rope and webbing slings, safety and cargo nets, cable grips etc. depending on our customers’ needs. Also, we provide technical service such as wire rope installation and proof testing and maintenance of lifting installation.

Also, we carry out annual inspections in accordance with SOLAS requirements MSC.1/ Circ. 1206 and provide technical services such as wire rope installation, proof testing and maintenance of lifting installation.

Our experience of the traditional seamanship and sea craft in combination with the modern technology (swaging press machine of 1000 tons capacity, testing equipments of 60 tons capacity, electronic precision balances, electronic precision dynamometers 3 up to 125 tons and other) and our continuous aim to our customers’ immediate service and satisfaction on the basis of ISO 9001 : 2000 procedures with certified products/supplies from our experienced and skilled personnel, resulted to the immediate and continuous growth of the company.

Our company’s Headquarters are located at privately owned plants of 2400 m2 where the administration offices and the production departments are based. The warehouses cover more than 1000 m2 with an extensive stock of products and materials.