Safety inspection & certification of Lifeboats and Davits Maintenance and repair of all types of Lifesaving Equipment


Our service organisation offers complete after-sales services and support, including 1 and 5-year inspections in full compliance with the most recent IMO/SOLAS regulations (MSC/Circ.1206).Our company is an approved supplier by Lloyd's Register in accordance with the regulations of AIACS' Z17.


SYNODINOS SA Service department provides a wide range of lifeboat and davit services:

  • Annual and five year inspections
  • Expertise and repair
  • Maintenance and refurbishment
  • Lifeboat an davit load test
  • Technical support 

SYNODINOS SA Service department has also been approved as a service supplier of all product range including lifeboats, davits, engines and release gears by the main lifesaving appliances manufacturers.

SYNODINOS SA Service department ISO 9001:2008 Certification

SYNODINOS SA Service department has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for maintenance and inspection of Lifesaving appliances(Lifeboats, rescue boats and davits).



Davits and Cranes Load Test

 Our engineers perform dynamic and static load test of any davit. Our Davits and Cranes Load Test System has different capacity of waterbags. We can cover load test requirements for equipment with SWL up to 100 tons. 

Lifeboats and Release Gear Load Test

SYNODINOS SA Service Portable Lifeboat Load Test System allow to perform Lifeboat load Test onboard the any ship.

Static and dynamic testing of davit systems is safely and efficiently using Water Weights.



SYNODINOS SA ADRESS: 10 P.VLACHAKOU Str., PIRAEUS GREECE , TEL.:+30 210-4170709, +30 210-4175729 ,FAX:+30 2104177722 ,